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Ceramic Blades

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These blades will last a lifetime – we guarantee it! And because they’re made of zirconia, they won’t rust or corrode as traditional steel knives do. They also stay cooler than metal when used over an open flame. Click the button below to know more about our product: its uses, processes, features, how to purchase, and so much more!

18mm Ceramic Utility Knife Supplier

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Once you try these blades out for yourself, we know that they will become an indispensable part of your toolkit. We guarantee that they will last longer than any other blade on the market. With JCK Ceramic Blades, you’ll never have to worry about a dull blade again. They’re perfect for precision cutting and offer a smooth, clean cut every time.

Why Choose

JCK is the way to make sure you get a perfect cut on your ceramic blade every time.

Are you tired of dull blades that don’t cut? We have a solution for you.

JCKCUTTER’s Ceramic Blades are the ideal ceramic blades on the market today. They stay sharp up to 10 times longer than steel, and they never rust or corrode, so your blade is always ready when you need it most. You can even use them in wet conditions without worrying about corrosion! And because our ceramic blades are made with zirconia crystals instead of metal, they won’t set off metal detectors at airports or other security checkpoints. So now you can travel worry-free!

With JCK Ceramic Blades, there’s no more struggling with dull knives that just aren’t cutting it anymore. Now you can enjoy effortless cuts every time and get back to enjoying life again! Click here to order your own set of JCK Ceramic Blades today!

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Ceramic Blades Wholesale

Wholesale Ceramic Blades In Bulk

We have a wide range of zirconia blades on our list. Here are some of our best-selling items:

Wholesale 9mm Ceramic Snap-off Blades at Affordable Price

9mm Ceramic Snap-off Blades 

Wholesale 18mm Ceramic Snap-off Blades in Bulk

18mm Ceramic Snap-off Blades 

Wholesale Ceramic Razor Blades at Lower Price

Ceramic Razor Blades 

Wholesale Zirconia Ceramic Trapezoidal blades at Affordable Price

Ceramic Trapezoidal blades

Wholesale Ceramic Peeler Blades in Bulk

Ceramic Peeler Blades

Ceramic Octagonal Blade Wholesale

Ceramic Octagonal Blade


9mm Ceramic Snap-off Blades Wholesale

Our zirconia ceramic snap-off blades are up to 10x tougher than steel, making them the perfect choice for tough cuts. The blade is precision-crafted from zirconium oxide, a material known for its hardness and durability.

1. Stay sharp with our zirconia ceramic snap-off blade.
2. This blade is perfect for precision and detail work.
3. Its sharpness will make your projects quick and easy.
4. With a quick snap-off, you can easily switch between blades for precision cutting.

Ceramic Razor Blades

These high-quality ceramic single edge razor blades are perfect for precision scraping and cutting. Whether you're removing paint, tile, or adhesive? These blades will get the job done quickly and easily. Plus, the razor-sharp edges make them perfect for delicate tasks like trimming wicker or fabric. So ditch those old, rusty blades and switch to the ceramic utility knife razor blades.

JCK ceramic blades are designed never to rust, so there's no chance of leaving behind a rust stain. Ceramic blades are non-metal and do not leave marks on the stone or tile. These blades are so easy to use because of their size and shape.

Ceramic Octagonal Blade Wholesale

Suitable for double-sided cashmere tweed splitting machine, slitting machine, slitting machine for open seam processing. 

Product specifications: Inner diameter 10mm, outer diameter 63mm. Blade thickness 0.5mm, general specifications.

18mm Ceramic Snap-off Blades Wholesale

Do you hate dull blades and having to change them out all the time? Well, our zirconia ceramic snap-off blade is here to save the day! With its increased sharpness and durability, this blade will stay sharp up to 10 times longer than stainless steel blades. So go ahead and tackle that tough project - our 18mm ceramic snap-off blade can handle it!

1. Rust-proof, non-magnetic, non-metallic, not greased.
2. 5-10 snap-off blades per pack.
3. Dimensions: 3.94 x 0.71 x 0.025 in.
4. Snap off 8 points on each side with pliers or wire cutters to reveal a brand new sharp edge!
5. Suit for mostly utility knife, box cutter replacement blades

Zirconia Ceramic Trapezoidal blades Wholesale

Are you looking for an incredibly sharp blade that'll stay sharp longer than the competition? Check out JCK zirconia ceramic trapezoidal blades!

Engineered with a revolutionary zirconia ceramic construction, these blades are tough enough to handle the most challenging projects while still providing a razor-sharp edge. 

Product specification: 59*32*18.7*0.7mm

Ceramic Three Hole Slitting Blade Wholesale

Product specification: 60*22*0.2/0.3/0.4mm, 57*19*0.4mm

Product packaging: 20 pieces in a box

Ceramic Cutter Wholesale Plus Hot Items

We offer a wide variety of ceramic blade cutters, perfect for any purpose

Wholesale 9mm Ceramic Safety Knife at Affordable Price

9mm Ceramic Safety Knife 

Wholesale 18mm Ceramic Snap-off Knife in Bulk

18mm Ceramic Snap-off Knife

Ceramic U-shaped Yarn Scissor

U Sewing Scissors Clippers

Customized Ceramic Peeler Wholesale

Ceramic Peeler

Wholesale Ceramic Folding Knife

Ceramic Folding Knife

Bird Ceramic Folding Knife, Ceramic Birdie Knife

Bird Ceramic Knife


9mm Ceramic Safety Knife Wholesale

Keep your fingers safe with JCK's new ceramic safety knife!   The ceramic blade is sharper and safer than a metal blade. You can use it to cut through boxes, tape, and other materials without worrying about injuring yourself. It's durable and long-lasting, with a 9mm zirconia blade that can handle even the more challenging jobs.

This knife is perfect for any home or office with its sleek design. It's also easy to keep clean – rinse it off under the tap after each use.

Ceramic Trimming Scissors for Sewing Wholesale

U Sewing Scissors Clippers, Small Snips Trimming Nipper, Great for Stitch, DIY Supplies.

A ceramic sewing scissor is a versatile tool that can be used for many different purposes, from cutting fishing lines to fabric and thread. Its convenient design means it works exceptionally well with all these materials too!

The handle on these scissors is built with a spring, making it easy for you to cut the thread without having too much tension.
Size :about 4.1inch length, about 1inch width.

Zirconia ceramic blade is more durable than traditional high carbon tool steel.

Ceramic Folding Knife Wholesale

Is a knife a knife? WRONG. This ceramic folding knife is the real deal and will make you rethink everything you know about knives.

This isn't your average pocket knife. Made of durable ceramic, this blade will stay sharp longer than any metal blade out there. Plus, it's super lightweight so that it won't weigh down your pocket.

You'll never have to worry about rust or corrosion with this knife - perfect for those who love the outdoors but don't want to compromise on quality. The sleek design also makes it perfect for everyday carry, so you'll always be prepared when disaster strikes.

18mm Ceramic Box Cutter Wholesale

Are you sick of using dull, flimsy box cutters that make a mess and are hard to use?

We're in the business of making your life easier. That's why we made this ceramic safety cutter with an 18mm blade that cuts through cardboard like butter. It has a retractable design, so it won't get caught on anything or break when you drop it. 

The ergonomic handle is easy to hold onto and makes cutting fun again! And because our blades are made from zirconia, they stay sharp for longer than steel blades.

Ceramic Peeler Wholesale

Are you looking for a new way to peel your veggies?

Check out our ceramic vegetable peeler! It's the latest and greatest way to make peeling vegetable fruits easier than ever. Plus, it's made of ceramic, so it's super durable and easy to clean.

With this handy tool, you'll be able to quickly peel all of your vegetables in no time at all. Whether you're making dinner or snack on some carrots, this is the ideal partner for the job.

Purchase the Ceramic Vegetable Peeler now on JCK

Ceramic Three Hole Slitting Blade Wholesale

Product specification: 60*22*0.2/0.3/0.4mm, 57*19*0.4mm

Product packaging: 20 pieces in a box

Customize Your Ceramic Blades, Cutters From JCK

JCKCUTTER is the go-to for custom ceramic blades and cutters, you’ll have no problem finding something that suits your style!

Choose the right ceramic blades, knives

We have different sizes of blades and knives for different purposes, customers need to choose and inform according to the actual situation.

Shipping Sample Confirmation

We want you to feel confident in your purchase so we'll send samples of the product before shipping it. These will include customised products or photos and videos for confirmation purposes.

Customized logos or not

Whether to engrave the customer's logo on their blade. This condition requires a certain minimum order quantity, depending upon what they want engraved in it and how big of an area you need carved out for that particular design/logo.

Confirm Packaging Details

In most cases, 10 blades are packed in a plastic box or dispenser. Other ceramic knives packed by blister card, insert card or opp bag.

How to Order Ceramic Blades, Knives from JCK ?

To save you from worries, here are some facts you need to know about our ceramic blades, cutters supplies:

What are your payment options?

TT: 100% TT down payment or 30% Deposit, balance paid before loading goods (take photo or video from mass production). Others: Paypal, Western Union, Alipay (available for less valued orders)

Can I customize the blade that I want

We are more than happy to work with you on customizing and developing new blades. However, we do charge a mould fee as well as the certainty of order quantity before starting this process.

Can I have my logo engraved or printed on the blade?

We are happy to work with your company's logo on our blades or knives. To start the process, please send us an email containing what type of design you want included in order for us make sure that it is within our capabilities at this time!

What is this knife replacement blade?

Zirconia Ceramic blades.

How long does it take to receive the goods that I've ordered?

As soon as you place your order, we will quickly process it. Usually, Ceramic blades - If in stock, we can ship within 3 days, express or air delivery. No stock, about 2-3 weeks production time. Ceramic box cutter - about 4-5 weeks delivery. Plus shipping date to see different countries 25-40 days.

I haven't done any importing, can I buy these?

Except for some countries in Africa and South America, our cooperated logistics can arrange door-to-door shipping services, but customs duties and VAT are not included (or only available for a few countries); please discuss with our sales team for details.

What are the additional benefits of ordering from JCK?

We're so excited to offer 1% additional products for free. This is dependent on how many units of your order, which means the more you buy!

How can you guarantee product quality?

You can trust us to take care of your quality assurance needs. We have a team that is always on the lookout for any imperfections, so you don't need worry about what condition an item arrives in!

Are you a factory or a trading company?

Don't worry about finding the best insurance options when you're unsure of what type your company is. Confirm that we are a factory in our workshop with an online video!

What shipping methods does your company accept?

FOB, CIF Sea shipment, or Air cargo. DDU/DDP door-to-door transparent service. Shipping by railway - Only limited Central Asian countries and most European countries.

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