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Box Cutter

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Want to wholesale Box Cutter onboard? This ultimate solution guide would help you everything about wholesaling safety utility knives

Safety Box Cutters Supplier
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JCKcutter has been working so hard for more than 8 years to perfect the process of creating various box cutters . They’re used in the home and office alike to open boxes of all shapes and sizes- from large shipping crates at construction sites or furniture packages. Click the button below to know more about our product: its uses, processes, color and size, how to purchase, and so much more! 

9mm Aluminum Utility Knife Wholesale

Find Your Safety Box Cutter Here

The box cutters is an essential tool for any home, and especially so when you work in an office. A widely used tool for cutting cardboard and paper. This small, lightweight device can easily fit in your pocket or bag so that you’re never without it when necessary!

Why Choose

JCK is committed to providing you with high-quality office stationery and safety hand tools

JCKcutter is a company that offers the most suitable plastic and metal box cutters that are durable, reliable, and easy to use. Our products will make your life easier because they can be used for multiple purposes.

With a JCK box cutter, you can easily open boxes cartons without worrying about hurting yourself or damaging your product. There are also great for cutting through other materials such as fabric, rope, tape and more! They come in various colors so you can choose which one fits your style best!

Another reason to choose Jckcutter is our satisfaction guarantee. If you have any questions about our products, please let us know and we will do our best to help you.

Want to know how we can do business? Let’s talk!

Open Box By Safety Box Cutter

Wholesale 9mm Plastic Box Cutter Plus Hot Items!

We have a wide range of 9mm utility knife in our catalog. Here are some of our best-selling items:

9mm Utility Knife, Box Cutter Wholesale

9mm Box Cutter

9mm Small Box Cutter Wholesale

Small Box Cutter

Custom Box Cutter Wholesale

Custom Box Cutter

Wholesale Personalized Box Cutter At Afforable Price

Personalized Box Cutter

9mm Snap Off Blade Knife Wholesale

9mm Snap Off Blade Knife

Wholesale Snap Off Utility Knife in Bulk

Snap Off Utility Knife

Wholesale Paper Cutter Knife

Paper Cutter Knife

Wholesale Snap Off Blade Cutter at Lower Price

Snap Off Blade Cutter

Wholesale Muti Tool Box Cutter

Muti Tool Box Cutter

Wholesale Snap Off Box Cutter at Competitives Price

Snap Off Box Cutter

Wholesale Snap off Razor knife In Bulk

Snap Off Razor knife

Wholesale 9mm Blade Cutter in Bulk

9mm Blade Cutter

Wholesale Soft-Grip Utility Knife at Lower Price in Bulk

Soft-Grip Utility Knife

9mm Snap Off Blade Knife Wholesale

9mm Snap Off Blade Knife

9mm Small Utility Knife Wholesale

Small Utility Knife

Wholesale Small Razor Blade Knife

Small Razor Blade Knife

Wholesale Utility Blade Cutter in Bulk

Utility Blade Cutter

Exactly What You Need

It's perfect for making quick, clean cuts. Whether you're opening a new package or cutting through the tape, this handy tool is up for the task. With its easy-to-use design and durable construction, this 9mm blade cutter is ideal for anyone who needs a reliable way to cut through materials safely.

9mm Breakaway Snap-Off Blade

Perfect for precision and detail work, the 9mm utility knife has a snap-off blade that makes it easy to switch between blades and clean your work area. With its snap-off blade, it's simple to replace the blade when it becomes dull.

Good Grip

Few items with the TRP rubber gives you a firm grip so you can slice through boxes, paper, or whatever else you need with ease.

Easy to Cut

It’s perfect for making quick, clean cuts. Whether you're opening a new package or cutting through tape, this handy tool is up for the task. With its easy-to-use design and durable construction, this small utility knife is ideal for anyone who needs a reliable way to cut through materials safety.

Safe to Use

Looking for a safe, easy way to cut boxes and other materials? Look no further than the snap-off knife! This handy tool is durable plastic and features a sharp 9mm blade. Plus, it's lightweight and comfortable to hold, making it perfect for use on the go.

Safety Blade Lock 

The snap-off box cutter is the perfect addition to your toolbox! This handy little cutter has a safety blade lock that allows you to lock in the blade at the measurement you need, making it super easy to cut through even the much tough materials.

9mm Metal Box Cutter Distributor

There are nine different metal knives on our list:

Wholesale Metal Safety Box Cutter In Bulk

Metal Safety Box Cutter

Wholesale 9mm Utility Knife at Lower Price

9mm Utility Knife

Wholesale Steel Cutte Tool at Affordable Price

Steel Cutte Tool

Wholesale Metal Cutter Tool in Bulk

Metal Cutter Tool

9mm Metal Stationery Knife at Affordable Price

9mm Metal Stationery Knife

Wholesale 9mm Aluminum Box Cutter at Affordable Price

9mm Aluminum Box Cutter

9mm Metal Box Cutter at Affordable Price

9mm Metal Box Cutter

9mm Metal Utility Knife in Bulk

9mm Metal Utility Knife

Wholesale 9mm Aluminium Cutter in Bulk

9mm Aluminium Cutter

Quality Metal Knife

This knife is perfect for the artistic workers in your life. With its small, lightweight, comfortable grip, retractable blade with extra high-quality ABS grip, the cutter will make your life a lot easier. No more struggling with cutting - let the Snap-Off Cutter do all the work for you!

Making Your Life Easy

The easy cut box cutter is strong with durable electroplated steel material, high hardness, sharp wear, and rust resistance. The above designs can eliminate your concerns over rust and or dullness, making it suitable for cutting paper, plastic leather rope, carton boxes.

Security Features

It’s the perfect addition to your toolkit! With its Slide-lock for secure blade positioning and stable base, it's easy and safe to use. Plus, its small size makes it convenient to carry with you on the go

Easy to Change

With its simple design and easy-to-use functionality, you'll be able to cut through paper, foam, Vinyl, Wallpaper, and more in no time. Plus, the blade is easy to change so that you're always prepared for whatever task comes your way.

One-Stop Customized Services

You can choose any design or pattern to make them unique and special for you. We offer a wide range of styles, colors and sizes so you can find the right box cutter for any occasion。

Wholesale 18mm Plastic Box Cutter In Bulk

These are perfect for any business that needs to cut boxes and packages!

18mm Yellow Box Cutter Wholesale at Affordable Price

18mm Yellow Box Cutter

Wholesale 18mm Utility Knife in Bulk

18mm Utility Knife

Wholesale 18mm Box Cutter at Lower Price

18mm Box Cutter

18mm Box Opener Tool Wholesale

Box Opener Tool

Wholesale 18mm Blade Cutter at Affordable Price

18mm Blade Cutter

Wholesale Cardboard Box Cutter In Bulk

Cardboard Box Cutter

18mm East Cut Box Cutter Wholesale In Bulk

East Cut Box Cutter

18mm Safety Cardboard Cutter Wholesale

Safety Cardboard Cutter

18mm Snap Off Knife Wholesale

18mm Snap Off Knife

Breakaway Razor Knife Wholesale in Bulk

18mm Snap Off Knife

18mm Utility Cutter Knife Wholesale at Affordable Price

Utility Cutter Knife

Wholesale 18mm Construction Knife

Construction Knife

18mm Quick Blade Box Cutter Wholesale at Competitives Price

Quick Blade Box Cutter

18mm Cardboard Cutter Knife Wholesale at Affordable Price

Cardboard Cutter Knife

Wholesale Box Cuter Tool in Bulk

Box Cuter Tool

Wholesale Razor Blade Cutting Tool at Lower Price

Razor Blade Cutting Tool

18mm Industrial Safety Knife Wholesale

Industrial Safety Knife

18mm Tool Shop Box Cutter Wholesale

Tool Shop Box Cutter

18mm Snap Off Blade Knife Wholesale

18mm Snap Off Blade Knife

18mm Snap-off Box Cutter Wholesale in Bulk

Snap-off Box Cutter

Wholeasle Utility Knife With TPR Handle at Affordable Price

Utility Knife With TPR Handle

Wholesale Utility Knife With Screw Lock at Affordable Price

Utility Knife With Screw Lock

Wholesale Utility Knife With 18mm Blade

Utility Knife With 18mm Blade

18mm Professional Utility Knife Wholesale

Professional Utility Knife

Economical & Practical

This 18mm safety utility knife is ideal for anyone looking for an affordable and practical cutting solution. The blade is encased in a protective housing, making it safe to use. Plus, the comfortable ergonomic handle ensures ease of use.

Safety Tools

Keep yourself safe and your cuts precise with this cardboard cutter knife. The safety auto-lock design helps to push out and retract the razor blade smoothly with different cutting depths as you need.

Multi-purpose Tools

When you need to cut through tough material, like metal or plastic, without worrying about getting a blade nowhere near your hands - this is the tool for you! It has multiple blades to handle anything from regular paper boxes all way up through sturdy wooden crates.

Wide Range of Applications

Even if you're not a professional, the right tools make any job easier and better. The tough blade of our 18mm utility knife will slice through almost anything with ease - from cutting the tape to prying apart shelves for cleaning! It's ideal in the office or at home and comes with an awesome set of accessories to make all your DIY needs.

Assemble 18mm Replacement Blades

These blades are made from 18mm carbon steel, making them perfect for cutting through any material. They're also much sharper than the original ones! Here is also have SK5, Ceramic blades alternative, it will last for even more extended time.

Quick Blade Changing

You can easily change your blade without any other tools. Some models with compartment storage extra 2-5 piece blades.

Wholesale 18mm Metal Box Cutter In Bulk

A great choice for warehouses, factories, and other industrial settings.

Retractable 18mm Snap-off Knife Wholesale

Metal Safety Box Cutter

Wholesale 18mm Metal Box Cutter at Affordable Price

18mm Metal Box Cutter

Wholesale Box Cutter With Slide Lock in Bulk

Box Cutter With Slide Lock

18mm Precision Blade Metal Utility Knife Wholesale in Bulk

Precision Blade Metal Utility Knife

Wholesale 18mm East Cut Safety Knife Wholesale

East Cut Safety Knife

Wholesale Heavy Duty 18mm Box Cutter at Affordable Price

Heavy Duty 18mm Box Cutter

Cutter Material

Aluminium alloy die-cast shell, ABS flat and knob pusher, screw-Lock system, easy to cut your various materials. Made in China

Is there storage inside the knife for spare blades?

No, One knife contains only one blade. You can purchase additional replacement blades, such as carbon steel or SK5 blades in a box of 10 pieces.

Does this take the 18mm snap-off blades?

Yes, Never worry about dull blades again with these 18mm snap-off blades! When you need a fresh one, Snap off the blunt blade and continue with your cutting job. These blades are perfect for basic cutting or heavy-duty deep cuts.

Great utility knives for making the rough cuts.

The safety utility knife is a must-have tool for any DIY enthusiast. These knives can be used to rough cut different materials like wood, plastic and metal without fear of breaking or ruining it thanks their durable construction that makes them great in demanding conditions!

Home & Office Use

It’s great for DIY, graphic artists/designers, students, office, warehouse shipping, packaging.

25mm Plastic Utility Knife Supplying

We have a great selection of utility knives to meet your needs

Wholesale 25mm Breakaway Box Cutter at Affordable Price

Breakaway Box Cutter

Wholesale 25mm Box Cutter at Affordable Price

18mm Metal Box Cutter

Wholesale Comfort Grip Utility Knife In Bulk

Comfort Grip Utility Knife

Wholesale 25mm Snap-off Knife at Lower Price

25mm Snap-off Knife

Wholesale 25mm Utility Knife at Affordable Price

25mm Utility Knife


Utility Knife with Fixing Screw

Ergonomic Handle & Safety Lock

This ergonomic handle and safety lock will ensure you cut safely. With its automatic blade position lock, the box cutter is guaranteed to be stable during use! It also features an ABS + TPR rubber grip to reduce stress on your hands, making this tool ideal for heavy-duty tasks.

25mm High-Quality Blades

It consists of high quality 0.7mm thickness of carbon steel, SK5 blades, sharp enough to cut through anything you need in your home, office, workshop without worrying about dulling quickly or losing its edge due just like other knives on the market today do!

Anti-slip Handle

With a lightweight frame, the anti-slip handle makes for a comfortable grip. Plus, this safety cardboard cutter is easy to carry in your bag or on your person at all times!

Handle with Inner Storage

This cutter is designed for heavy-duty. Open the lid at the bottom of the hilt, and you'll find a spare blade storage space, always have one on hand!

Carton Box Cutter & Seat Belt Cutter Wholesale

They’re very affordable and can be purchased in bulk at great prices!

Wholesale Stainless Steel Carton Cutter at Affordable Price

Carton Cutter

Wholesale Carton Box Cutter at Affordable Price

18mm Metal Box Cutter

Wholesale Belt Cutter In Bulk, Customized Print Your Logo

Belt Cutter

Wholesale Emergency Seatbelt Cutter, Customize Various Colors

Emergency Seatbelt Cutter

Rescue Seat Belt Cutter Wholesale in Bulk

Rescue Seat Belt Cutter

Wholesale Plastic Seat Belt Cutter

Seat Belt Cutter

Convenient Cutting Tool

Are you looking for a way to quickly and easily cut through cardboard boxes? Look no further than the Corrugated cardboard cutter! It is durable stainless steel; this cutter can easily slice through even the toughest boxes.

Carton Cutter Product Features

This full metal cardboard cutter has an excellent grip and sturdy construction for seamless cuts through any packaging. The box opener can be coated in white or other colors. Product Size: 4.25 x 1.95 x 1.0 inches.

Suitable Blades For Carton Cutter

The best way to get a clean cut is with retractable single edge razor blades. These blades are easily replaceable and hold in place for easy handling while also providing safe use.

A necessary tool to have in every car

This little tool can save your life in a crisis situation. Made with high-quality material, this seatbelt cutter is durable and will always be ready when you need it most--whether that's to cut tangled belts or free an object caught on one of those flimsy plastic ones they give out at gas stations.

The emergency plastic seatbelt cutter is a must-have for any driver. With this tool in your glove box, you can save yourself from potentially dangerous situations by cutting up on those inconvenient belts that keep us tied down while driving!

How to Customize Your Box Cutter?

Make sure that your box cutters are up-to-date with the latest trends.

Choose the type of cutter

We manufacture a range of box cutters, utility knives, scraper tools, ceramic blades. Therefore, we need the customer to inform us of the specific requirements.

Confirm the knife colour

The standard colours are yellow, orange, blue, purple, green, and red, especially plastic cutter. A larger order quantity is required for unique colours than for standard colours.

Sample confirmation

We will take photos or send samples to customers for confirmation before production.

Custom 9mm, 18mm Plastic Cutter

Confirm Packaging Details

We can provide four different kinds of packaging, such as opp bag, insert card, blister card, display box. If you need to customize the packaging, please provide the design.

Printing Design

Customers provide the vector design (AI, CDR, PDF...) The final confirmation will be made before layout printing.

Arrange Shipment

We can take photos or videos for you, so that customers will be convinced by what they see when opening their packages!

Plastic, Metal Box Cutter Packaging In Details

JCK offers the most popular packaging methods or customized packaging!

Different Utility Knife Packaging
Opp Bag Packaging

It's the most economical packaging way; the print fee is US$50 per colour, suitable for mostly 9mm, 18mm utility knives. Suitable for all styles of knives.

Insert Card Packaging

PVC transparent cover + Paper card, the printing cost is US$20.00 per colour for the card, minimum order quantity 5000 cards. Easy to use; take out the paper card, and you can get the knife. Suitable for all styles of knives.

Blister Card Packaging

Heat the blister to the surface of the paper card. Card print costs the same as Insert card. The package must be destroyed to remove the knife.

Hang Card Packaging

With the Hang card packaging for your utility knife, It's easy to show off at any store that has a lot of tools and gear on their shelves!

Display Box Packaging

Packaging boxes for the display of mostly 9mm, 18mm or 25mm box cutters.

How Do We Get Box Cutters Step-by-step

Here you can learn how to produce your customized box cutters

Different Plastic Box Cutter Raw Material
Prepare Raw Material

Prepare plastic pellets or metal sheets according to the order schedule.

Injection moulding machines for manufacturing utility knife

Injection moulding machines produce plastic cutter shells and accessories, CNC machines, and heat treatment equipment to produce aluminium alloy and zinc alloy shells.

Semi-product Plastic Cutter Shell Inspect
Check semi-finished products

Rectify the burrs of plastic accessories, aluminium case, and QC pick out semi-finished products' bad rate.

Assembling Replacement Blades
Assembling blades

Production line workers must wear gloves to assemble the blade to the corresponding knife.

Box cutter packing in the warehouse
Packed, Placed in warehouse

We used the five corrugated exporting cartons packed products transported them from our warehouse to the port to destination.

Box Cutter Shipment
Delivery , Shipment

Use our service to get the best rates and carriers for your shipments. We'll arrange it, so you don't have to do anything else!

How to Order Products from Jckcutter?
Things you Need to Know

To save you from worries, here are some facts you need to know about our plastic, metal box cutter supplies:

What are your payment options?

TT: 100% TT down payment or 30% Deposit, balance paid before loading goods (take photo or video from mass production). Others: Paypal, Western Union, Alipay (available for less valued orders)

I haven't done any importing, can I buy these?

Except for some countries in Africa and South America, our cooperated logistics can arrange door-to-door shipping services, but customs duties and VAT are not included (or only available for a few countries); please consult our sales team for details.

Can I customize the cutter that I want?

Yes, we accept customization and development of new products. Still, we charge a mould fee - the total development cost is calculated based on plastic or metal material, knife size and accessories.

What are the additional benefits of ordering from JCK?

We will provide 1% additional products free of charge depending on the order quantity.

Can I have my logo engraved or printed on the knife?

Most plastic utility knives can't be engraved or printed unless the mould is reopened, but the cost is higher. Metal utility knives can be printed, and the cost of engraving Logo is low

How can you guarantee product quality?

With our strict quality assurance, you can rest assured that your product will always meet the highest standards. Our staff will ensure that every item arrives in perfect condition, so you have nothing to worry it!

What materials can you supply for replacement blades?

Carbon steel 60# snap-off blades, 9mm, 18mm. SK5, ceramic blades for mostly utility knives and razor knives.

Are you a factory or a trading company?

Finding the best insurance options can be tricky when you're unsure of your company's type. But there's no need to worry! We can confirm that we are a factory in the workshop online video.

How long does it take to receive the goods that I've ordered?

As soon as you place your order, we will quickly process it. Usually, plastic box cutters deliver 3-4 weeks, and metal utility knives deliver 4-5 weeks. Plus shipping date to see different countries 25-40 days.

What shipping methods does your company accept?

FOB, CIF Sea shipment, or Air cargo. DDU/DDP door-to-door transparent service. Shipping by railway - Only limited Central Asian countries and most European countries.

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