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JCK cutter was founded in 2014, and we have been developing this field for more than eight years now! Amazing right?

We started as a domestic company that sold products in China before eventually achieving the industry’s top ten annual sales of over 200 million dollars–that’s how dedicated we are to your project needs.

Three years ago, we intended to let the world hear the voice from, so we established the foreign trade department, which is why you can see the reason for this site.

JCK fully understands all the needs of customers, including the types of goods that are in demand, the quantity of goods, the unit price, and so on. We provide high-quality products to customers in time so they can operate smoothly.  

We believe that JCK to be one of the reliable supplier of the office stationery and hand tool industry in China and abroad. Through our own research, development, we believe we are in a position to exchange views on and discuss customized product for our customers.

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What We Are Proud of?

By building on our success in the domestic market, we are confident that international recognition for our brand will follow one day soon.

As a one-stop, customized utility knife supplier, we provide all your design and production needs. From designing the perfect material to producing it with high-quality packaging and shipping them correctly, our team takes pride in providing you only what’s best for business!

Our robust supply chain can deliver competitive prices and superior quality products. We have worked with clients in over 15 countries, and other clients to provide these advantages for you!


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JCK have been in the business of wholesale utility knife, box cutter in China for 8 years, let a true industry veteran provide you with top quality office stationery, hand tools and promotional gift.

75% of our products exported to Europe, North America, South America, Australia and Asia. We have a fast delivery team who ensure that you get your order on time.

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